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Sexuality in Io








Sexuality in Marcwith evolved around the lifecycles of the Deerless and Uembians versus the lifecycles of humans. Because of this, the sexual spectrum is not based on gender but on amount and expression of sexual desire.

Red – Neutral Submissive. Givers.

Reds tend to be submissive both mentally and physically in their relationships. They tend to be equal parts emotional and exploring, but dislike taking on more physically or mentally challenging roles. They like feeling taken care of and in turn provide the emotional support and carefree attitude that may otherwise be restrained in their chosen partners. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient of physical stimulation and are eager to please.

Orange – SLEW (submissive lean extroverted switch). Explorers.

Oranges tend to express themselves with a go-with-the-flow, excitable, feeling-versus-perceiving attitude. They prefer to be submissive in their relationships, especially when it comes to mental aspects like finances and long-term plans. However, they do not want to feel coddled by their partners and prefer to take a more active role than the neutral submissive. They take special joy in being out and about with their partner. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient of physical stimulation.

Yellow – Extroverted Switch. Socials.

Yellows are people-persons, always looking for a good time no matter what. They are equally able to be dominant or submissive in their chosen relationships and do well with a wide variety of partners. They crave excitement and flexibility, but dislike being forced to always take on a particular role within a relationship. They love to be in groups and may feel more sexual the more attention they receive from others. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient or provider of physical stimulation.

Green – DLEW (dominant lean extroverted switch). Protectors.

Greens prefer to be physically dominant in their relationships, sometimes at the cost of their own emotional freedom. However, they desire much greater flexibility in their relationships than a neutral dominant. They enjoy partners who will nurture their often-ignored emotions and who revel in the feeling of a powerful, protective partner. Generally speaking, they revel in being the provider of physical stimulation and are eager to please.

Cyan – Neutral Dominant. Groomers.

Cyans tend to be equal parts protective and logical, preferring to be dominant mentally and physically. They do not dislike emotional practices but have little patience for expressing them, and so can come off as uncaring. They desire partners who enjoy this lack of control and who are understanding of their lack of emotive assurances. They struggle with the ability to communicate with others and thus often rely on a partner to field emotional or interpersonal relationships. Generally speaking, they revel in being the provider of physical stimulation and prefer not to receive stimulation.

Blue – DLIW (dominant lean introverted switch). Rationals.

Blues can come off as calculating because they crave mental dominance. This is not to say that they are cruel, but they do struggle to communicate with others. They struggle to express themselves emotionally and so display affection physically, thus they dislike partners that demand too much physical submission. Unlike other dominant-leaning individuals, however, blues tend to be neutral toward physical dominance themselves. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient or provider of physical stimulation.

Purple – Introverted Switch. Mediators.

Purples are equally emotional and logical beings who never seem to run out of ideas. However, they often lack the energy to express themselves physically. They enjoy partners who can be understanding of their occasional world-weary personalities and won’t try to push them to be one thing or another. They are content to be middle-ground, providing a safe mental-emotional place for more physically expressive partners. More so than most, purples tend to enjoy the company of one another. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient or provider of physical stimulation.

Violet – SLIW (submissive lean introverted switch). Expressives.

Violets are emotional beings who prefer to leave concrete reality to others. They can be whimsical and romantic partners who crave the attention of their chosen partners in whatever shape it takes. They prefer to be submissive physically and to some degree mentally, disliking hectic schedules and decision-making. They enjoy feeling taken care of, but struggle if they don’t have some degree of emotional dominance in their relationships. Generally speaking, they revel in being the recipient of physical stimulation and prefer not to provide stimulation.


Asiri Asa

In Asiri Asa, sexuality is defined by human life cycles. Although also considered a spectrum,

the view of human sexuality is often seen as a graph. It focuses on gender and, more recently, interest level, although varying titles and groups have made many humans move toward the Marcwith spectrum.


Differences among Ka'a'Crede


Quick breeding evolutionary strategy. Compatible partners are those capable of reproduction and family rearing. Level of sexual desire or preferred type of desire are secondary, if at all present. Biological male and female are opposite ends of the spectrum in which all humans fall.


Deerless society has the first recorded instance of a 'sexuality spectrum' in Marcwith. This system is based on psychological compatibility in terms of the type of affection desired and given, as well as interest in sexual desire. Traditionally long lived, Deerless sexuality had little to do with reproduction. With the advent of evolutionary coalescence, the traditional spectrum of Deerless sexuality has become less popular in regions such as Asiri Asa.


Prior to coalescence, all extant uembian species shared two characteristic differences from human culture. Like the Deerless they were naturally long-lived and thus spent much less effort into populating new generations. Uembians also possessed the ability to reproduce between a biological male and female or two biological females. These two factors led both humans and Deerless to assume that uembians all the same; a race of asexual females with small harems of submissive males. Although untrue, this stereotype of 'dominate female' is still a common one.


Although just as long-lived as Deerless, Hwoxin reproduction was a part of religious practice that still colors traditional Hwoxin society today. In upper class culture, Hwoxin were expected to be loyal to a particular house or family chosen for them by their own head of household. Reproduction was not romantic or a result of union, but rather practiced to curate certain types of persons fit for particular tasks. Intercourse was not a part of achieving pregnancy, instead, early gynecological tools were used to collect and transfer fresh semen into the proper host. In lower classes, 'marriages' were more commonly used. These unions laid claim to an individual to prevent others from achieving an unwanted pregnancy. Love unions were popular, but like Deerless, were based on psychological compatibility rather than sexual expression.


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